The Sun E-commerce package is ideal and tailored for individuals and businesses that wish to start selling goods or services online. For a small monthly payment you get a professional ecommerce website with all the features you need to run a successful online shop. Please see description offers for your online shop.

Bronze is our basic shop but it has all the essentials you need to get a company started.

Silver is catered for companies that have up to 100 products. Advertising of your website is done the through an erol shop. Website updates are carried out every six months.

Gold is the crème of the crop it offers silver + more and includes customer management through RSS feeds, email lists and subscriptions in order for you to promote, deliver and keep ahead of your customers wants and needs.

Please review our Sun package and pick the one that suits your needs and then simply: contact us….

  Web design Bronze package Web design Bronze package Web design Bronze package
Consultation Free 1 hour Free 1 hour Free 1 hour
Follow Up Meetings    
Pages (up to) 3 5 10
Sitemap inclus inclus inclus
Website Design inclus inclus inclus
Hosting 1 year 1 year 1 year
Website Address 1 year 1 year 1 year
Emails Address 1 5 10
Contact Form Email Email Secure Email
Map   Link Embedded
Gallery (15 pics)   x 1 x 3
Homepg SlideShow   x 5 X 10
Embedded Video   inclus inclus
Report Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly inclus inclus inclus
Paypal Intergration inclus inclus inclus
Items 30 100 200
Review     inclus
Erol directory inclus inclus inclus
Keyword   Limited Full
Picture per Product 1 2 4
Zoom     inclus
Section 5 10 Unlimited*
Suggestion Area     inclus
Description inclus inclus inclus
Spec     inclus
Video     inclus
Management inclus inclus inclus
Logo   inclus inclus
Delivery Method 1 Multiple Multiple
Discounts Areas   1 4
RSS Feed     inclus
E Mail List     inclus
Product Search Bar     inclus
website design telephone Contact Us for Prices